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Ti Leaf Lei Maile Style with Tuberose

Double Ti Maile Orchid, Leis for Men

Ti Leaf Lei Maile Style with Tuberose

Price: $105.00


The Ti Leaf Maile Style Lei is long, leafy and distinguished with a deep green color. To enhance of the look of the lei we offer the option to include a long strand of Dendrobium Orchids.  Color choice: White, Purple, Purple/White, Green/White, and Yellow/White. 

This lei serves as a great substitute for Hilo Maile, especially for California recipients, as we DO NOT SHIP MAILE TO THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA DUE TO AGRICULTURAL CLEARANCE RESTRICTIONS. 

IMPORTANT: To prevent staining, please allow the Ti Leaf Maile Style lei to dry at room temperature for 2 hours prior to use. If received with oil residue, please rinse in a container with fresh water and then dry; repeat as needed.

Please note that the actual size of the Ti Leaf Maile may vary depending on availability and season. Our goal is to ship the best material available

The double ti leaf lei is long, leafy and deep green, twist with orchid to enhance the greenery.