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Red He'e Twist Tuberose

Red He'e Twist Tuberose   | Kane (Male Leis)

Red He'e Twist Tuberose

Price: $25.00


The Red He'e Twist Tuberose lei is a great combination lei. A strand of He'e in cranberry red twined with a strand of Tuberose , makes for an excellent color contrast and an earthy aura, and  includes a sweet fragrance of the Tuberose.

He'e also comes in a "wine" color, and may be a substitute if the red color is not available.  This color combination is also a very attractive twist. 

He'e means octopus. These pods grow on huge trees, the branches extending like the arms of the octopus (another meaning to he'e). Round, stiff texture, almost the color of cranberry red. Again, please note that the He'e color may vary from a maroon red to a cranberry wine color, depending on availability and harvest.