Hawaii's Finest Flower Lei Stand for Four Generations

Kukunaokala twist Tuberose

Tuberose Kukuna 'O'Kala Lei, Leis for Men

Kukunaokala twist Tuberose

Price: $40.00


The Tuberose Kukunaokala lei is a very handsome lei. A strand of Tuberose twined with a strand of sturdy Kukunaokala make for an excellent color contrast. It includes a sweet fragrance from that of the Tuberose. 

Kukuna'o'kala means ray of the sun. Also stiff in texture which allows for its excellent durability. This unusual goldish-brown flower is grown in mangrove areas. Simple, nonfragrant, gorgeous, natural, earthy.

Twisted here with tuberose for sweet fragrance. Handsome Hawaiian lei.