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Hilo Maile

Hilo Maile | Wedding Leis For Men

Hilo Maile

Price: $50.00


One of the most prestigious Hawaiian leis of all is Maile. An appropriate gift to honor someone for a special achievement or performance. Popular with the locals for weddings, proms, retirements, graduations and award ceremonies. We offer plain as well as different combination twist options starting at $50.00. 

The Hilo Maile is typically lean with a softer vine, larger leaves, and a stronger fragrance as compared to other styles of the Maile lei.

IMPORTANT: State agricultural restrictions prohibit us from shipping Maile to California. However, traveling with Maile in hand-carry and check-in luggage is allowed. 

Please check our Ti Leaf Maile Style Lei on our KANE (Male Leis) page as a substitute.