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Double Green Orchid & Tuberose

Double Orchid Tuberose Lei - Hawaiian Leis

Double Green Orchid & Tuberose

Price: $40.00


This lei contains green Dendrobium Orchids and Tuberose. The species of Orchid is noticeably smallerTuberose. The species of Orchid is noticeably smaller than the vanda Orchids, providing a daintier style complemented by ivory Tuberose, rich in its island fragrance. More of a carefree lei, it is great for casual events and spontaneous celebrations.

The Double Green Orchid & Tuboerse lei is one of our most dependable longtime favorites that we pack to mail.

Other color options available to select for the Dendrobium Orchids are: purple and white.

Special Offering on LAVENDER color lei until end of May.